How to be a Safer Backpacker

You often hear of stories about other backpackers who run out of money and had to fly home, who had a reckless accident or got in trouble with the law. I once watched a girl kick the front bumper off a tuk-tuk in Laos, then become hysterical when the police turned up. That tuk-tuk is nothing to you but it’s someone’s livelihood.  Anyway, that may seem pretty obvious but here are some ways be prevent things from hindering your travelling experience.

Get a rewards credit card

This is a great way to collect points which can be converted to air miles or hotel credit. It’s always smart to have a credit card for backup but don’t rely on it to fund your trip.

Learn a bit of the lingo

You will find this to be very useful when you’re trying to get a bus from A to B. Most people rely on English speakers, signs or another backpacker who can speak the local language. I was lucky to know a bit of Spanish or I would have struggled to get busses around Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Know what you’ve packed

This is speaking from my own experience. I was once interrogated at the Singapore airport because I had bullet shells in my hand luggage. I kept them from a shooting range in Cambodia and completely forgot they were there. I was assigned a lawyer and everything. I was lucky to make the flight to Melbourne. My luggage was even taken off the plane and I was the last one on board. I guess that one’s just for me…

Don’t keep all your cash in one place

Keep some money in your wallet/purse or whatever but also keep some hidden in your backpack. It’s much wiser to not keep it all together.

Get travel insurance

I’ve never had to use this because I’m super responsible but I’ve travelled with people who have lost their cameras and claimed it back and whatnot. You never know what can happen. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Travelling is a sacred experience and you don’t want anything to ruin it. It’s about created those memories and you don’t want those memories to be bad. You’ll hear stories on your travels about how someone’s experience was ruined because of something silly!