The Best Places to See Celebrities in Los Angeles & London

In a world filled with Instagram selfies and ‘in the know’ Tweets, the hunt for the rich and famous is more popular than ever before. In turn, knowing where celebrities are lunching and relaxing during the day, and drinking and partying at night becomes a must for many. And nowhere else does glamour and fame in the same way that the cities of Los Angeles and London do.

Both renowned for their high-class restaurants, bars, clubs, venues and so much more, you’ll never be far from a well-known face. To help the hunt, Air New Zealand (who know a thing or two about celebrities thanks to their videos) have created a new map/guide for Los Angeles and London, highlighting their choice of the top 20 celeb hangouts in each.

We highlight three of our own favourites from the list, with the rest of the guide shown below.

Los Angeles – The Grove

At the top of the list for a reason, the Grove shopping centre is a celebrity spotting hotspot. Everyone from James Corden to the Kardashians can be seen shopping or grabbing a coffee here. The area is also used as a filming location since it’s so famous, so be careful not to walk into a camera shot!

Los Angeles – Bar Marmont

Part of the infamous Hotel Marmont – where Led Zeppelin drove motorbikes down the corridors and Lindsey Lohan was banned for an unpaid $46,000 bill – Bar Marmont also has its fair share of Hollywood stories and still offers a good chance of seeing someone famous.

Los Angeles – Urth Caffe

Serving up organic teas and coffees, the Urth Caffe in West Hollywood is a good place to see an ‘eco-friendly’ celebrity. Made even more popular by Kylie Jenner’s love of their ‘green tea boba’, others have reported seeing stars like Aaron Paul and Nicole Richie enjoying a hot cup here.

London – The Ivy

Found in the heart of the West End, the Ivy is an A-listers dining favourite. It’s delicious cuisine (the Shepherd’s Pie is a must), excellent service and elegant atmosphere only attracts the most famous names such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Damian Lewis, John Goodman, Dame Maggie Smith, Glenn Close, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, the Beckhams… the (A-)list of stars just keeps on going!

London – Soho

Home to a variety of talent agencies and film companies, the likelihood of spotting a celebrity in Soho is very high. British film stars such as James McAvoy and Hugh Grant have been seen out and about as well as musicians Brian May and Boy George.

London – Shoreditch House

If you’re rich enough to be a member or lucky enough to be friends with a member, then Shoreditch House is a great spot to find celebs. It’s awesome roof deck and pool, excellent fitness/spa facilities and great food and beverages means it’s popular with many stars. Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw and Ellie Goulding have all been seen socialising and relaxing here.


Air New Zealand’s celebrity spotting map guide!




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