The best stag-do weekenders in Europe


This city attracts 7.5 million visitors a year, the third most visited city in Europe. In recent years Barcelona has become a top stag-do destination for lads and it’s easy to see why. Very few cities in Europe are able to combine beaches with hardcore partying. This place has some top nightclubs, plenty of strip clubs and more. There’s lots of daytime activities to indulge in besides the usual tourist stuff, you can go karting or watch the mighty Barcelona play at Camp Nou!


It’s got canals, museums and plenty of drugs and hookers. You can kick things off with a visit to the Heineken brewery where you can sample the brew straight from the source. It also has a very cool roof top bar at the end of the tour. When the sun goes down. visit the Westerpark, where they have parties at night. The Vondelpark is also lively day and night, and throughout the summer there are a host of festivals.

Is you want a bit of culture, check out the world-famous Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the national museum and of course the Anne Frank House, as long as your stag group can behave! After that, eat half a muffin or have a smoke at one of Amsterdam’s coffee shop. That’ll make for some stories!


It’s impossible to have a bad night out in Prague – the nightlife is legendary; the women are gorgeous and the clubs are open until the next day. Prague even has the biggest club in Central Europe, not to mention the beer! The Czech Republic’s biggest exports is beer. Pilsner was even invented here and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about brewing, as well as sampling some of the best ales this stunning city has to offer.

You can even buy a beer for breakfast (which is what will happen). You won’t be short of things to do in this action-packed city. You can go to shooting range, get a beer bike, strip boat (yes, like a strip club but a boat), indoor karting, honestly, the list in endless. This is pretty much the perfect place for a stag-do.


This city also boasts beautiful women, award winning bars, world class nightclubs and a whole heap of activities that will keep your any stag party occupied from dusk till dawn. Buda is a little more chilled than Pest, which is where all the hardcore party action takes place.  Budapest is the cheapest capital city in Europe, beer starts from as little as 50p a pint and there are plenty of drinking holes to choose from.

Budapest hosts a wide selection of nightclubs such as Morrison’s 2 in the downtown area that enable you to party every night of the week or you could take the party ship down the Danube. This 1.5-hour cruise enables you to see the city’s landmarks spectacularly illuminated whilst partying at the same time. You can’t really argue with the price, it’s a hellova place to party!


Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria. A mind blowing 6.3 million people descend on Munich for 16 days every September for its notorious Oktoberfest – but don’t worry about coming over those weeks…the beer will still be flowing just as freely, and the party vibes are there all year round. At night, the majority of the Munich’s nightlife scene is located in the city centre.  Traditional Bavarian boozers are found all over the city, with the Schwabing area holding most of them. A visit to Munich is not complete without a visit to a beer hall. The world famous superclub, Pacha has a club located in Maximiliansplatz and hosts some of the world’s best DJs. There are plenty of big clubs to check out in the energetic Glockenbach area. You’ll also find great food, heaps of strip joints and plenty of brothels if that’s what you’re after.


The capital of Latvia has pints of beer starting from as low as £2. Not only is it beautiful and cheap but it is also small and easy to get around, making it the great destination for a stag weekend away with the lads.  The Old Town has several lively areas such as Livu Square which is lined with bars in the Summer. If you want to admire the city from a above, then the Skyline Bar on the 28th floor of the Radisson Blu hotel is well worth a few drinks.

PinUp Bar located on the picturesque Pils Square offers some deliciously strong cocktails as does The Left Door Bar located near to Kronvalda Parks. Studio 69 is a chic nightclub that has three floors and is in the city centre. If you want hardcore, La Rocca Revolution is Latvia’s largest nightclub and hosts a younger crowd.


This Slovakian city may be small but what it lacks in that department it certainly makes up for in its choice of stag do activities. If you’re with stag lads that can appreciate beautiful architecture and know how to party, then this would be a fine choice. During the Summer months, Bratislava takes the party outdoors to the multiple open air clubs and bars.

The banks of the river Danube also provide the venue for some cool artificial beach parties some of the most beautiful in the world in attendance. What’s more, you can stay on the Danube in one of the many ‘boatels’. Bratislava has hotspots situated all year round. The iconic Subclub is situated under the city’s castle, whilst Club Loft is in the neighbourhood of the main bus station and for the smokers, Bratislava allows you to puff in almost every bar, club and pub in the city. I had you at beautiful women, right?


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