Edinburgh for the Weekend

Edinburgh is one of the coolest cities in the world. The cobblestone streets, the free museums, the outgoing locals and the whisky! The city has many free activities, beautiful walks, stunning buildings, and a rich history. Edinburgh is a popular destination for many weekend getaways, pub crawls, and stag-dos. I was actually there on a stag-do myself. But I won’t focus on that visit. Edinburgh has something for everyone!

Things to do

Hike to Arthur’s Seat – It can be a bit of a hike, but the top of Arthur’s Seat provides a spectacular view of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle – The Edinburgh Castle is an important landmark. It’s a bit steep at £16.50 to enter, but you can spend a good part of the day there, and you get to see the Crown Jewels exhibit. You also get sweeping views of the city.

Royal Mile – The most famous street in Edinburgh, this road is filled with pubs, restaurants, and shops. It takes you from the royal castle to the royal palace. There are some historical monuments along the way too!

The Museum of Edinburgh – When you’re walking the Royal Mile, don’t forget to stop at this museum to check out Edinburgh’s history. There’s a lot of good information here and it’s free.

The Scott Monument – Built in 1846 to commemorate the life of Sir Walter Scott, the Gothic spire monument takes you 200ft above the city for stunning views.

Whisky – The national drink of Scotland, Scotch Whisky is a world-renowned. Learn how it’s made by touring the Scotch Whiskey Experience, and buy a couple bottles to take home.

Facts on Edinburgh

  • Urban Population:  834,648 (2014)
  • Edinburgh is home to the Scottish Parliament and the seat of the monarchy in Scotland
  • Edinburgh’s Old Town and New Town together are listed as a UNESCO sites.
  • Edinburgh Castle is built on the site of an extinct volcano.
  • Edinburgh has 112 parks and more trees per head of population than any other city in the UK.
  • One of the most photographed monuments in Edinburgh is Greyfriars Bobby, the statue of a 19th century dog (Skye terrier) who spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave
  • From 1477-1911, the Grass market was the site of one of Edinburgh’s main horse and cattle markets. It was also the location of public executions.
  • J.K. Rowling penned the first novel in her Harry Potter series at the Elephant House cafe on George IV Bridge.

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