5 Reasons to go to Gibraltar for the Weekend

Gibraltar is a small British Overseas Territory that’s famous for the rock and the monkeys on the rock. Its history is also very fascinating; there was a big military presence out here during the war. Anyway, I’ve spent a lot of time in Gibraltar as I lived there for a bit! It’s a very small place but worth a weekend away. I’ve read a lot of blogs on the subject and most seem to have some affiliation for the tourism board of Gibraltar. Here’s a truthful insight to why Gibraltar is worth a visit.


The Rock: going up the rock of Gibraltar is a must, it’s one of the most famous ‘land marks’ in Europe. There are macaques that live on the rock, I think they arrived from morocco somehow and now they are on the front page of every tourist pamphlet and brochure for Gibraltar. You can grab a cable car up and down the rock for £12 or walk up the med steps which is a beautiful nature trail leading to the top of the rock, it only takes about 40 minutes and you get to see more of the rock! The rock has its own micro climate so try and get it done on a clear day, sometimes the rock is just surrounded by clouds and you don’t want that to hinder your view of Africa.


Shopping:  There’s a common misconception that everything is cheaper in Gibraltar. That’s bullshit.  Cigarettes, alcohol and jewellery are cheaper, electronics and cloths etc. are more expensive. If you’re a whisky lover like myself then you can pick up a nice scotch for a lot less. There’s many shops on Main Street (the main shopping street) but I always pick mine up at the airport as there is a high end whiskey shop there. If you’re a smoker then you can pick up 200 cigarettes for less than £20 at the airport. In Main Street it’s about £22-25. If you like nice watches then you can enjoy a significant discount, I grabbed a Tag Carrier for £1480 which costs £2150 in the UK. If you’re spending that much money on something you should ask for a further discount. I should have paid £1600 for it but they can afford to knock the price off as they don’t pay duty, tax and it has VAT free jurisdiction, something like that anyway.

The caves: believe it or not but there is over 30 miles of tunnels in the rock of Gibraltar. There was even a hospital in there during the war. Get yourself a tour of the Winston Churchill War Tunnels, it’s mind blowing (if you like your military history that is). You can also check out St. Michael’s Cave where even concerts are held – incredible!


The bars and restaurants – there’s plenty of this in Gibraltar. Ocean Village and Queensway Quay have a variety or bars and restaurants. Queensway Quay is a little nicer and you can enjoy a view of the harbour while Ocean Village tends to be a lot busier and that’s where everyone drinks after work (when the suns out).

Scuba diving: There are many shipwrecks around Gibraltar and some of them have become popular dive sites. So if you have your PADI, why not do a dive and see Gibraltar from below? There’s a scuba diving company (Dive-Charters) based in Gibraltar, so make sure you go and book your dive.

You can grab return flights from London Luton to Gibraltar for around £75 if you book ahead. It’s quite an experience when you fly into a landing strip on the sea. Did you know every time a flight arrives or departs they have to close the run away as that’s a pedestrian crossing? Yep, I’ve waiting at that runway many times.




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