Sailing Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is a natural wonder, a world heritage site and a place where prehistoric creatures once thrived. The place is made up of many limestone karsts and isles in various sized. It’s the biggest tourist attraction in Vietnam and it’s a real piece of natural beauty.

We strolled around the bay in search of a tour around Halong Bay. It wasn’t long before we found a guy with a big pirate ship-looking boat. He agreed to take us around the bay for a mere $15. We boarded the boat, expecting for others to join but to our delight we had the whole ship to ourselves. And to make things even better, our captain even stocked beer on his boat. We sat on the top deck in the sun and drank our beers. We couldn’t believe how nice it was. We saw the beautiful isles and natural stones as we sailed around the bay.

Halong Bay

We docked up on a small fishing village; we looked around and saw some strange looking fish in their individual tanks. It was amazing to see this little floating house with a farm full of fish. I couldn’t imagine how peaceful one must sleep amongst this amazing and wonderful place.

Halong Bay

After our stop on the fishing village, we sailed around some more of the rocks and eventually docked again by a nearby cave. We ventured into the cave and bought some more beers. It was stunning how natural the place was. It was straight out of the prehistoric era. I could imagine the flying dinosaurs and sea monsters that once lived in the bay. The mature landscape was magnificent.

Halong Bay

Spending a day around Halong Bay in a pirate ship with beers and good company was one of the best days I spent as a backpacker. However, once the tour is over there is nothing to do in the area, a few restaurants and that’s it. You’ll be very bored if you found yourself there on your own. So try and plan your trip so you don’t have to spend any more than needed in the Halong Bay town.


Make sure you pick the right tour; it might be worth forking out for a 2-night where you will see more and get to party (providing you book through Hanoi Backpackers). If you want a more peaceful experience with comfortable accommodation with views that are not obstructed by hedonistic backpackers then book a luxury tour.


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