Ibiza – with or without a party…

Ibiza – the ultimate party destination. I’ve been to Ibiza three times before. The first two times being when I was just an 18 and 20-year-old whippersnapper squandering my money on watered-down beer, money hungry strippers and fried breakfasts served with orange juice and maggots. Ok, forget that side of Ibiza, you know, the side where all the brits get sloshed and rave like it’s the 90s.

I’m talking about getting out of San Antonio and Playa de Bosa. The real Ibiza is where it’s at. I returned to Ibiza again this summer after a six-year absence. I had missed it dearly. I knew I had one more left in me. So a friend and I went to Ibiza, it was a lot different to when I went as a teenager with a big group of lads all sporting matching tour tops with horrendous nicknames.










I was a full-grown adult and I wanted to enjoy the island for what it was, along with the madness that San Antonio had to offer, of course. We stayed on the beach in San Antonio (don’t judge me just yet, I still like to party) but we spent much of the time driving around and exploring the island. I have to say that Ibiza is much, much more than just a party destination. There’s so much more to do than drink and dance every bloody day of the week.




Anyway, the reason we wanted to go was to see this new club everyone was talking about, Ushuaia. It was one of the few I had not been to and I was keen to tick it off the list. The big thing to do during my week in Ibiza was to see Avicii at Ushuaia. So we got our tickets. It seemed like everyone is Ibiza was going to this event.

Ushuaia is an open-air club so it finishes at midnight due to the Spanish law on noise pollution. That was fine with me. I knew that these things become a sweaty and exhausting experience. I was no longer the whippersnapper I once was. The 18-year-old me would be a state and a half, dancing like a loony and being a nuisance. But, the adult me, didn’t spend stupid amounts of money for a drink, I even hydrated with a 2-litre bottle of water before I went it. Boy, have I grown up.

We arrived at the event and enjoyed a bit of Benny Benassi who was opening for Avicii. His set was much better than expected and many thought he was just as good as Avicii. But when Avicii came on everyone went mad, we danced and became part of the music for that hour. Everyone had the same vibe coursing through their veins. The place was electric. I returned to my youth and found my young self who was partying like the legend he was. Everyone should experience Ibiza in all its glory. I’ll never forget those amazing nights spent on the beautiful island and the party times that happened.

Don’t be one of those idiots who go to Ibiza year after year and stay in the one place and go to the one bar to ‘look cool’ and get overcharged for drinks. Ocean Beach Club and Blue Marlin are nice and all, but you’re only there to make a statement about yourself. Don’t miss out – see the rest of what Ibiza has to offer.


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