The Best of Kuala Lumpur

I spent a total of 5 days in Kuala Lumpur before making my way to Singapore. A visit to Malaysia isn’t complete unless you’ve spent a few days touring and eating your way through the Malaysian capital. KL’s diverse mix of cultures (India, Chinese, Malay, and Western) delivers a variety of delicious foods, great shops and much more.

Kuala Lumpur

What to do in Kuala Lumpur

See the Petronas Twin Towers

This is the most famous landmark in KL, and the tallest twin towers in the world today. They were once the tallest building in the world and only since 2004 have they been replaced as the highest building.

Kuala Lumpur

I made sure I walked the sky bridge while I was there even if it meant I was waking up at 5am to be in line for a ticket. The price for a ticket is RM 80 (about € 20) and if you want to have a ticket you got to queue up at the entrance in the early morning. The tickets are limited to a number of pieces per day. You can buy them online.

Take a break in the KLCC Park

Behind the famous Petronas Twin Towers is a nice green park among all the skyscrapers, the KLCC Park. Many tourists and locals go to the park to relax under the shadow of the trees and enjoy the view of the city. It’s certainly worth taking a break there after strolling around the city.

Kuala Lumpur

Go up the KL Tower

The TV tower of Kuala Lumpur is the 7th highest in the world at 790 feet in height. Here you can marvel at the stunning views of the city and even enjoy a buffet meal in the revolving restaurant. It was probably one of the best buffets I’ve ever experienced.

Kuala Lumpur

Visit the Masjid Negara national mosque

This is one of the biggest mosques in Asia, there’s room for 15,000 worshippers and a 73-metre-high minaret and star-shaped dome make for a great sight. You can visit the mosque any day of the week and it’s free, they provide covers for your legs and shoulders if you’ve dressed for warm weather!

Head over to the Orchid Garden

Not far from the national mosque, this garden has some beautiful orchids and a peaceful atmosphere. It’s part of the Perdana Botanical Garden and free to enter, you can also enjoy a wonderful view of the KL skyline from the gardens.

Take a stroll around Chinatown

The best time to head here is in the evening when it all comes alive. There’s stools with almost everything you can think of, from everyday items to delicious Chinese food. Remember, it’s always a good idea to give your haggling skills a test.

Don’t miss out on Little India

If you like your curries then you should not miss the chance to enjoy a fine curry at a fine price at one of the many curry houses in Little India. It’s a not far south of the KL railway station, the district is Brickfields – known as Little India.

See the Sri Mahamariaman temple

Sanding since 1873, the Sri Mahamariaman Hindu Temple sits at the edge of Chinatown and makes for an impressive sight. This is the country’s oldest and most beautifully-decorated temple. The temple’s gate tower is adorned with depictions of Hindu Gods – worth a photo!


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