London to Amsterdam Road Trip

It was a long bank holiday weekend, the perfect time for a road trip, London to Amsterdam with a night in Bruges. We booked a return ferry from Dover to Calais (£70 for a car and four people) – massive bargain.

We booked a hostel in Bruges (4-bed, £15 each) and a hostel for two nights in Amsterdam (6-bed, £40 per night). It was all very last minute so the hostel prices on a bank holiday weekend in Amsterdam rocket up. It was still all very cheap.

We decided to make a trip banterous by driving there in fancy dress. We had a ship captain, Arab Prince, a Priest and a banana. It was a fantastic drive down and we even managed to get on an earlier ferry. Someone even asked my captain-dressed companion where the orange deck was, and he happily told them it was on the second left. Which was a massive lie because that would lead straight into the sea, how does someone believe the captain of the ship is knocking around with a Priest, Prince and a banana?

We arrived in Calais and the next stop was to fill up on booze at one of the famous beer warehouses. With no sat-nav and only a map of Europe, we struggled to find one. However, as luck would have it, we asked a man on the street who happened to work there and he was happy to let us follow him in his car.

When we arrived his face was plastered all over the promotional posters, of course, we got a photo with him and the poster. We stocked up on cheap champagne and plenty of beer. My friends happily popped a bottle open in the car while I still had another hour’s drive.





On arrival we booked into our room at the hostel. Then we went straight out and done the tourist stuff, which basically meant drinking as much Belgium beer as we could. We missed out on the bell tower as it closed at five. We did a river cruise and went to some nice bars.

In the evening we had a slap-up meal in Market Square before trying to find a night out. The nightlife was lacking and most people seemed to be very young. We felt old at 26 in these bar/clubs. Anyway, Bruges is a great place to go, especially if you’re a couple. It’s very romantic. I would love to go back one day. Onwards to Amsterdam, a place that certainly caters to a group of lads.


The next day we drove three hours with a few stops at McDonalds. Then, as expected, we drove around Amsterdam city centre for 45-minutes before finally finding a suitable parking for two-days. We parked at the coliseum car park, which amazingly only cost us one euro per day with a free bus ticket around the city for the whole day!

We dropped our bags off at the hostel and went straight to The Heineken Experience. We had a few free drinks before noticing (as heavy beer drinkers) that it’s not as strong as what you would get at a normal bar. I don’t know why they would water it down but I’m certain they do. We enjoyed some beers on the rooftop bar before heading off for a walk around the city. We had something to eat, then drank more and roamed around the red light district.


The next day we went to the Riks museum, which is defiantly worth a visit and then we went to a cafe and ate a muffin each. The muffins were extremely potent and I can safely say that my friend was the highest man in Amsterdam. Take note: eat a half a muffin.


We had intended on going to some sort of super club but as the drinking went on the idea faded away, as usual. It was a bar crawl around the red light district. We even saw a sex show in a peeping booth. It’s basically a load of booths surrounding a rotating bed. You can see the other people in the booths. It’s all very perverted but a good laugh.

Amsterdam is an amazing city with plenty to do. It’s a great road trip too. I will certainly be going back.

Top things to do

Anne Frank House – Get there early, the queue gets long.

Van Gogh Museum – Again, get there early, unless you like waiting.

Rijksmuseum – Go up to a girl and say ‘this painting doesn’t look that good next to you.’

Red Light District – Take a nice wonder around, there’s no place like it.

Vondel Park – A place to go when it’s sunny.

Coffee shop – Eat half a muffin, you’ll never forget it.