New Years in Berlin


I follow the crowd, a crowd of party seekers from all over the globe, this cosmopolis is a great destination to see out the year.

Fireworks exploded all around me, people marched together towards Brandenburg gate. There were people with sticks of fireworks hanging out of their rucksacks like modern day Robin Hoods ready to fire a stick of gunpowder at a car or ambulance. I had to dodge or kick fire-bangers out from beneath my feet. They made a devastating sound and caused a lot of nervousness all around. It was excellent. It was like a warzone, closed streets, smoke everywhere, powerless lawmen who would not be able to battle a one million-strong crowd of drunk revellers.

We had filled our pockets with bottles of beer. I was taking in the fantastic atmosphere. It was pure carnage. Anything goes. We reached a crowd of people and it seemed the road had been closed off to prevent overcrowding. Bollocks.

There was too many people who wanted the experience. The crowd of rowdy people protested, many climbing on the police vehicles. Everyone chanted. Then it kicked off, the barrier was down and everyone stormed through. We ran clutching our drinks. It was a magnificent moment. Then we hit another fence, the last fence. Some gave up but we refused. There were more guards around the fence. We knew we could climb under but it would be messy and time consuming, we would be caught.

We walked up and down the fence. A group of people had the same idea as us, we tried to lift the fence, we teamed up. Then a huge German lad came over and ripped the fence open. We broke out. That’s what it felt like anyway, we ran for freedom. One of my companions fell early and looked up only to see that everyone kept running. If it was a prison break, he would have been recaptured. We sprinted through the wooded area and jumped over a small fence. We finally made it in.


To the bar for more beer. Two beers each, we didn’t intend on queuing again. We enjoyed our beers outside of the crowd and then threw ourselves into the crowd for the New Year’s build up. I don’t remember a lot of it but I remember the countdown which is a first ever for me.

I asked the girl next to me. ‘Will you kiss me at midnight?’ she replied ‘I should probably kiss my boyfriend…’ ‘Where is he?’ I asked. She points at the big guy…obviously. ‘You alright mate’ I said before turning away. I couldn’t see another girl in close proximity. I was doomed to start the year on a low.

The fireworks were impressive and the party continued throughout the night. It was defiantly an experience. It was the biggest New Year’s party in the whole of Europe.


Brandenburg Gate; over 1 million party-goers attend this bumper event of fireworks and live music. The largest street party in the city is free and centred between Brandenburg Tor at Straße des 17. Juni through to the Siegessäule.

When does it start?

Events on stage kick-off at about 7pm and the line-up for the year will be confirmed in December. There’s also light shows, food stalls, tents and an open-air disco under the stars.

What can I take?

Personal fireworks and sharp objects (including glass bottles), aeorosols and cans of drink are not allowed.

Getting there

There are five entrances: Bellevue, Tiergarten, Potsdamer Platz, Friedrichstrasse, Koch Street. Be aware, the S-Bahn station Unter den Linden closes at 5pm. The front entrance usually gets crowded and closes early so you might be redirected to the rear entrance.

It’s simple. Get there early or start planning your break in.



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