Backpacking Safe
April 08, 2016

How to be a Safer Backpacker

You often hear of stories about other backpackers who run out of money and had to fly home, who had a reckless accident or got in trouble with the law....

Travel Essentials
April 08, 2016

8 things I can’t travel without

Over the years I’ve learned how to pack light. I once was a graduate taking a gap year lugging around a 90-litre backpack. Nowadays I’m sporting a simple Jansport rucksack...

Kuala Lumpur
City Breaks, ASIA |
April 01, 2016

The Best of Kuala Lumpur

I spent a total of 5 days in Kuala Lumpur before making my way to Singapore. A visit to Malaysia isn’t complete unless you’ve spent a few days touring and...

Backpacking, OCEANIA |
March 20, 2016

What to do in Sydney

I spent a year in Sydney; it was the best time of my life. I lived in Bondi Beach (obviously), I worked as a gutter cleaner and it was the...

City Breaks, EUROPE |
March 20, 2016

5 Reasons to visit Belfast

Belfast in Northern Ireland is a great destination to visit for a weekend. A city that hosts many attractions for the visitor and is also the gateway to further explore the...