Three Days in San Francisco

San Francisco – a place of art and culture and the most infamous prison of all time. There’s a lot to do in San Francisco, it’s a creative, organic, hippy and fun city. With a unique personality boasting great architecture and stunning landscapes, this is a city I’d like to live in.

Day 1

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is not only one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, it’s also the most famous bridge in the world.

You can stroll across the bridge, visit the visitor’s centre or drive across it. It’s certainly worth the walk across, it’s a magnificent piece of engineering that holds its own bit of history.

San Francisco

Lombard Street

You know those photos of that street that curls around and around, well that’s Lombard Street. It’s hidden in the city somewhere but it’s worth finding it, we drove down Lombard Street and got a few photos. There’s many tourists doing the same thing, I’m sure the residents on Lombard must have a lot of patience.

San Francisco  San Francisco

Day 2


We queued up for our tour tickets only to be told that no more tickets were available. We were then told that more tickets get released in the morning, but only a few. We had to come back at 7am, so we came back at 6am to make sure we were first in the queue for the released tickets.

We got our tickets and boarded the boat to Alcatraz. The boat ride was bumpy but it didn’t matter. We arrived at the island, which was full of tourists, each looking around curiously.

San Francisco

The place was eerie and carried a sombre mood. We began the audio tour, which was done by three ex-cons that were once inmates in Alcatraz.

The audio tour took you around the whole prison and told stories of crimes and escapes that took place in Alcatraz. There was a memorial in one of the cells of the murdered prison guards and examples of how the infamous escape took place.

The one disappointing thing about the tour was that they don’t tell you which cell was home to Al Capone. Otherwise, it was without a doubt the best audio tour I’ve ever done.

Alcatraz is a must if you’re ever in San Francisco, but be sure to collect tickets beforehand because it does it busy and only a limited amount of tickets are released!

Day 3

Tour the City on a Cable Cart

Hop on and stop off at some of the cities great attractions and many neighbourhoods, go shopping, check out the museums, chill in the local parks. You’ll see plenty of places that you’ve seen in the movies too, there’s so much to see and so much to keep you busy. It’s also worth doing a walking tour if you get tired of riding the cable carts.

Museums worth a visit

Fisherman’s Wharf

We went to Pier 39 and watched the sea lions and street performers for a bit before grabbing some seafood at a nearby restaurant. Get some clam chowder, shrimp or crab at one of the restaurants. The wharf is a great place to start your evening, head to a bar for cocktails. The restaurants are a little overpriced but nothing too much, still worth it for the fresh seafood!

If you have more time…

Go to Crissy Field – this is where the locals hang out, it’s got a beautiful beach, restaurants, fishing piers and plenty of running and dog walking, a great place to hang on a sunny day!

Watch the San Francisco Giants – Catch a baseball game, there’s sure to be a great atmosphere. Chat to some locals, get a beer and take in their funny sports.

Tour Muir Woods Redwood Forest Enter this peaceful world of wonder and marvel at the huge forestry.

Visit wine country – You can get on a day trip to Napa Valley and spend the day at a winery where you can taste some of California’s finest wine, it’s better to spend a night if you can!


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