A Scotland ‘Hidden Gems’ Road Trip

A Scottish road trip is something everyone should do at least once in their life. Besides the range of art, culture, history and activities there is to see and do, there’s also the stunning countryside in Scotland to take in and admire. Avis recently created a new ‘hidden gems’ road trip from Edinburgh to Glencoe that has a range of ‘away from the ordinary’ things to see and do, all within one day. You won’t have to take a whole week off and can do this on one of the days of the weekend.

Here’s a look at some of the places to go to and things to see that are on the road trip route.

Edinburgh to Falkirk

Around an hour away from the Scottish capital is Falkirk, home to the legendary Kelpies. Created by Glaswegian sculptor Andy Scott, the two 300 tonne, 30-metre high steel horse heads are magnificent; a must-see for anyone looking for awe-inspiring art based on Scottish folklore.

Not far from Falkirk is Culross, a small historical town that is a great hidden gem. With cobbled stone streets and stone walled buildings, one of the main attractions is the yellow walled Culross Palace – once the home of wealthy merchant Sir George Bruce that’s been beautifully preserved.


Falkirk to Stirling

Next on route is Stirling, known as ‘The Gateway to the Highlands’. There’s lots of history to see here including Stirling Castle, the Church of Holy Rood and the National Wallace Monument.

But for a different historical gem, why not head over to the Engine Shed. Scotland’s dedicated building conservation centre, it serves as a central hub for building and conservation professionals and the general public. Might reveal how Stirling Castle has been able to stand sturdy for so long!

Stirling to Doune

Want to see a less well-known historical monument that’s been in Monty Python, Outlander and Game of Thrones? Of course you do – Doune Castle! Thanks to its well-preserved interior with decorated rooms, spiral staircases and an impressive Great Hall, it really is like stepping back to a medieval era of Scotland. Climb to the top of the ancient stairs for an epic view of the surrounding Scottish countryside.

Doune to Glencoe

A beautiful part of the road trip, the drive to Glencoe is one of the most scenic in Scotland. Passing through towering mountains, never-ending moors and gorgeous glens (gaelic for valleys); it’s an incredible treat for the eyes.

Once in Glencoe, the Glencoe Folk Museum is a great place to learn about local history. An 18thcentury thatched roof cottage, the exhibitions inside tell of the events this rural area of Scotland has seen – most notably the Glen Coe Massacre of 1692. With various items such as historical toys, weapons and household utensils, it’s a wondrous gem to experience the past.


Glencoe to Loch Lomond/Loss

The last part of the trip heads to another stunning part of Scotland’s countryside. Loch Lomond is one of the largest stretches of water in the UK and a fantastic place for either relaxing or enjoying activities on the water. Cruises across the water are available and kayaks, canoes and speed boats can be hired too.

On the edge of the Loch is Luss, another small Scottish town that’s a popular spot for those wanting to explore more of the area. If you’re feeling hungry, the Luss Smokehouse is the ideal place to pick up a freshly smoked salmon sandwich (sourced from the Loch too). Its lakeside location means you can appreciate the surrounding scenery while eating – possibly the most picturesque picnic spot in Scotland?



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