Seattle for the Weekend

I was in Vancouver, a 2-hour drive from Seattle. After renting a car I made the journey to Seattle. Hungover from the night before I was firing on energy drinks. We stopped off at Denny’s in some small Washington state town for a greasy breakfast. I had the feeling that they hadn’t heard a London accent for a while.

We reached Seattle. I noticed that the city has an alternative style about it. Everyone looked hip and cool, whatever that was. We asked the hostel receptionist about the things to do and the places to see. An ink-marked city map was received.

We started off with a little look around the public market before stumbling across gum wall. This is an entire wall covered in chewing gum. It made a great photo.

Seattle Seattle








We drove over to the cemetery to see Bruce Lee’s grave. This is the one thing I really wanted to do while I was in Seattle. We got to the cemetery and drove around until we noticed a small crowd of people. It was obviously the grave we come to see. We waited our turn and paid our respects as well as take a few photos.


Back in the car and forth with to Kurt Cobain’s house. There was a park bench next to his house that had become quite famous in Seattle. It was covered in messages, a shrine to the Nirvana front man. Someone had left a beer on the bench. I sat on the bench and enjoyed a beer.


Kurt Cobain’s former residence

In the evening we strolled into the city for a beer. We were told about a bar that had 160 beers on tap. We went there and tried as many beers as we could before heading over to a cocktail bar for a martini. I don’t know why, but at the time I was desperate to have a martini. I had never had one and I wanted to try one. It may have been because the sign outside the bar read ‘$3 martinis’. I ordered mine shaken not stirred. I stressed that to the barmen – trying to be James Bond but looking ridiculous. I didn’t like it. Not a vodka man.


The city didn’t seem to offer a wild nightlife as hoped. It was all slick bars and no atmosphere. Being English we had hoped for something a bit more wild where we can sway the American girls with our accents. It was probably the wrong time of year (winter) and the wrong time of week (midweek).

The next day we went to the American Football stadium and did a tour. It was very interesting and well worth the twelve bucks it cost. After we caught the monorail to the space needle. We did the classic tourist thing of going up the sky tower. It makes for a great view but that’s about it. Also, you could see the houseboat that Tom Hanks lived on in Sleepless in Seattle. Elvis Presley rode the monorail once…


I wish I had more time in Seattle. There are so many cool things to do. There’s a bar that Jimi Hendrix played at before he was famous. Jimi Hendrix is also buried in Seattle. I would love to go back one day. It is the coolest city I’ve ever been to. It’s a bit wet, but very cool.

Why Visit Seattle? 

Instantly recognisable with its space needle, Seattle is an iconic city with plenty of great sights. This edgy city was once home to the some of the biggest corporations in the world, like Microsoft and Starbucks (you can actually go to the very first ever Starbucks!).

It’s music culture is massive, with the likes of Nirvana, Hendrix and Pearl Jam hailing from this wet city. You’ll also recognise it from the sitcom Frasier and that Tom Hanks movie.

What to Do in Seattle

Take a trip up The Space Needle

Ride the monorail

Grab a coffee at the very first Starbucks

Take your picture with gum wall

Watch the Mariners, Seahawks or Sounders play

Visit Pike Place Market

Enjoy a pint at the Tap House Grill (There are 160 to choose from!)



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