8 things I can’t travel without

Over the years I’ve learned how to pack light. I once was a graduate taking a gap year lugging around a 90-litre backpack. Nowadays I’m sporting a simple Jansport rucksack that most people would use on their daily commute to work, or to go to college. This padded, durable and supremely comfortable bag has accompanied me on a 4-day hike to Machu Pichu, a 12k hike up a volcano in Nicaragua and a 3-day excursion in the Bolivian dessert, not to mention everywhere else!

I don’t pack much in the bag, the clothing essentials, and my own personal belongings that I just can’t travel without. Here is a list of my top 8 things I can’t travel without!


Bottle of water: This is pretty obvious, I don’t pack a metal bottle that filters water and whatnot, I just make sure I’ve got a bottle of water if I’m heading away from any water supply. There’s noting worse than sweating with a dry mouth on a long coach journey.


Zippo lighter: It’s always good to have a light. It allows me to see in the dark, it fits in my pocket and it could come in handy if I need to start a fire for whatever reason.


USB stick: I always make sure I’ve got a USB stick with plenty of space on it. I upload all my photos and videos on to the USB so I’ve got a back up if anything happens to my camera. It also allows me to free up memory on my camera memory card if I need it.


Cigarettes: I don’t smoke anymore but these deserve a place on my list because I met many great people from going out and having a cigarette. I use to love sitting at a beach bar with a beer and a smoke and think about life. Now I settle for a Pina Colada and a packet of nuts.


iPad: A few years ago this would have been a book but now I use my iPad to store my books on. It’s also gets me internet access; this little device is a great source of entertainment.


Sunglasses: These days I’m sporting a pair of fake Ray Bans as I keep breaking my real ones. I have to wear these on planes, trains and buses to help me sleep. They also make me look cool.


Camera: I’m a keen photography and I always make sure I’m well equipped when it comes to taking photos. I’ve got my Fuji X30 compact system camera, GoPro, mini tripod, spare batteries and I think I even have a selfie stick now!


iPod: Music. I cannot travel without listening to my playlists on a journey. I’m blocking out the world and mulling over life when I look out the windows and watch the world go past. It blocks out unwanted noise and even puts me to sleep when I whack on a bit of Rod Stewart.

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