The Vietnam War Tunnels

The Cu Chi tunnels are an immense network of underground tunnels in the Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) jungle. These tunnels were not just sneaky ways of attacking; they also served as supply route and communication, and many Viet Cong soldiers even lived there.

I wanted to see this place because of the shear realism that I would likely feel. Crawling through the tunnels that were dug to sneak around enemy soldiers before attacking them would be an eye-opening experience. I wanted to be in the Vietnamese jungle, a place where soldiers fought a fierce and bloody battle. It was a place I’d only ever seen on film. Vietnam was the bloodiest war and one I’m fascinated with.

Now a war memorial park you are able to crawl around the tunnels yourself. It was a tight fit, more so for the fat American tourist wheezing his way behind me. The tunnels were sweaty and it wasn’t easy to breath. It would have been a lot worse during the war. Some of the tunnels had to be made wider to accommodate the western tourist. You could still appreciate the amazing history and bloody events that took place in and out of the tunnels.

Cu Chi tunnels

The tour also takes you around many booby traps that still exist in fine form today, along with bombsights and many other hiding places that the Viet Cong used.

I thought back to how it would have looked during the war. How many people had died there I, how many shots fired, how many bombs dropped.

Cu Chi tunnels

I crawled as much of the tunnels that were allowed, it was exhausting work, but you got an idea of how long and well thought out these tunnels were. It’s not every day you’re in the Vietnam jungle, in the infamous tunnels. I had crawled through a part of modern history.

It’s worth the day, with an expert guide the history will really jump out. My guide spoke exceptional English and even gave be a sterling impression of my ‘cockney accent’. You’ll also learn about what Vietnam is like today.


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